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Raspberry Pi Quickstart Guide

This is going to be a quickstart guide for the Raspberry Pi.  This assumes that you’ve already downloaded Debian and flashed it to a memory card and started the pi.  Feel free to expand the boot partition to the full… (Read more)

Making Nixies Modular

Modular Nixie Board

So after looking at a few options for making nixie tubes modular and not finding what I wanted or not liking the price I decided to make my own. The goal was to be able to use many different nixie… (Read more)

A new site and a guest post appears…

A healthy place… So I’ve been losing a lot of weight recently (well not a lot lot but 20+ lbs) and I couldn’t have done it with the inspiration of two very close people to me.  With a little… (Read more)

Delete, backspace and more on a Mac

Mac Keyboard

Ever since I switched from a PC to a Mac there are things that I miss, some more than others but I really miss having a full size keyboard and keys like home, end, and the fact that my backspace… (Read more)

ADB-S Flight Tracker

Pi Aware Flight Tracker

  Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS–B) is a cooperative surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation and periodically broadcasts it, enabling it to be tracked Wikipedia So I have a thing for Raspberry Pies…. (Read more)

Turning a Raspberry Pi into a Retro Arcade

coffee arcade

So you’ve got a Raspberry Pi.  Maybe it’s something you’ve worked with before or you just got it for the holidays and want to do something cool with it.  In this article I don’t assume that you have any prior knowledge… (Read more)