Raspberry Pi Quickstart Guide

Raspberry-Pi-B-Plus-modelThis is going to be a quickstart guide for the Raspberry Pi. ¬†This assumes that you’ve already downloaded Debian and flashed it to a memory card and started the pi. ¬†Feel free to expand the boot partition to the full size of the memory card and change the password if you want to.

Default Credentials for Debian
Username: pi
Password: raspberry

To note…. I don’t recommend changing the RaspberryPi’s default password through the config app, instead change the whole user as documented below.

Always Update First when first using your Raspberry Pi

Run the following first as soon as you login (or set up wifi if you’re not on wire ethernet and then come back to this)
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get ugrage

Setting up the Wifi on your Raspberry Pi

Open the configuration file that will store your connection settings
sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
Go to the bottom of the file and copy the below code, changing the ssid and key to yours but keeping the quotes around the values.

To save the file press ctrl+o and hit enter to keep the name as is.
To quit nano press ctrl+x.

Now restart your pi:
sudo reboot -n

Changing the username and password on your Raspberry Pi

Make sure nothing is running under the current user (it’s best to do this when first setting up your R-Pi)
exec sudo -s
cd /
usermod -l newname -d /home/newname -m oldname

where newname is the new username you want and oldname in this case is pi.

Sometimes you will get a user pi is currently used by process ###, if so try kill the systemd process with the following command
sudo pkill systemd/code>
and rerun the above command.

To change your password use the following command:
sudo passwd
Thought I would restart in between since you’ve already changed a huge part of what is considered a user account.

Shutting down and rebooting your Raspberry Pi

To reboot your Raspberry Pi
sudo reboot -n
To shutdown your Raspberry Pi
sudo shutdown -h now or sudo halt -p
Once it says “system halted” you can remove the power cord if needed

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